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Anti-aliasing The past, present and the future
Sunday, May 20, 2012 | Permalink

I made an appearance on the Avalanche Studios blog talking about anti-aliasing.

On a related note, I'll be talking on this very subject on Nordic Game next week. If you're going, be sure to catch my talk, May 25 at 13:00.



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Monday, June 11, 2012

Can you share the slides from the Nordic talk ?


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You can't trash talk other games by using the word consolitis when your own game had a ridiculous amount of input lag when the framerate drops under 40 fps.

Pretty safe to assume that the horrible laggy aiming for everyone without a top end computer did more damage to the success of the game than a lack of AA support ever would.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For the record, this post was about anti-aliasing. But ignoring that, overall JC2 received favorable reviews, with the PC version in fact getting better metacritic rating than the consoles (PC: 84, PS3: 83, 360: 81). It was also widely regarded as a NOT a console port, but a well made PC version.

With that said, any multi-platform game will likely have some amount of consolitis for the PC version, just like the console versions will suffer some compromises from sharing code with a PC target. For instance, as you said, I know we had some input issues. Certainly some general issues for all platforms, but also some PC specific in particular, for instance the KB/Mouse controls were never tweaked as carefully as the gamepad controls. Of course, a gamepad on PC was still the best experience, but for those playing on KB/Mouse, there were indeed some complaints on the forums. I never heard much complaints about input lag, but "negative mouse acceleration" was a common complaint. Maybe this is what you're referring to? If you're coming from a FPS background this could very well be a problem.