"Not since government devoted itself to race biology have such an extreme ideology been deemed clean. But now the racism has returned. Back then niggers were stupid, vagrants were dirty, gypsies were thieves and jews were greedy. Now it is men that are guilty. Only by being men."
- Johan Hakelius, Aftonbladet

New demo
Wednesday, May 28, 2003 | Permalink

Another demo to waste your time on staring at in vain.

This time it's a nice electro-flash procedural texture with a only 9 instructions long fragment shader.



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Tuesday, June 3, 2003

i renamed it to be a screensaver. while it doesn't actually behave exactly as a screensaver (only esc quits, and you can alt-tab out of it), it worked perfectly for the last holyday-weekend with my gf and her brother and his gf.

it run the whole time, and winamp was on top of it. at the moment i had to change tracks, i could just alt-tab to explorer, hehe

it's really great looking somehow. very simple, but great (and as we had a blacklight in the very same room, the color fit perfectly into the overall ambience, hehe)

congrats. what 9 instructions can do!