"Not since government devoted itself to race biology have such an extreme ideology been deemed clean. But now the racism has returned. Back then niggers were stupid, vagrants were dirty, gypsies were thieves and jews were greedy. Now it is men that are guilty. Only by being men."
- Johan Hakelius, Aftonbladet

Holidays 2006/2007
Thursday, January 25, 2007 | Permalink
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These are pictures from my trip to Sweden in the Holidays of 2006/2007. It stayed two weeks with my family in the north of Sweden and three weeks in Stockholm for work. So except the usual family pictures and beautiful winter scenery I also got a chance to really explore Stockholm for the first time and take a lot of pictures there, and also a quick detour to neighbor city Uppsala. Some of the highlights include the Vasa museum, the Kaknäs tower and the Cathedral of Uppsala.