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DirectX SDK February 2010 is out
Saturday, February 6, 2010 | Permalink

The biggest news is that they have made some very nice improvements to PIX, such as much improved support for DX11, but also that we can finally view depth-stencil buffers in DX10/DX11 apps, a features that has been sorely missing for a long time. Also, compressed sRGB textures can now be viewed, which is something I have wished for very much during development of Just Cause 2 since we use these formats a lot.

Being able to switch to REF device is a very cool feature too. It's very good for debugging if you've been able to capture a graphical artifact that you suspect is a driver bug. By switching to REF and comparing you can see if it's due to the driver or something wrong with your code. Running your whole game through REF is usually not an option, but playing back a captured frame on the other hand is much more manageable.



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Monday, February 8, 2010

Good to hear. I'm glad PIX has improved support for DX11.

Microsoft has really done a great job evolving Direct3D into a beautiful API. The generality of the new tessellation functionality is something to be admired.