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64bit Linux goodies
Saturday, January 22, 2005 | Permalink

I gave 64bit Linux another shot this week and it worked out successfully this time. Last time I had a lot of problems with more or less everything, this time things worked out better, though not without some trouble. Had some trouble installing the ATI drivers as it comes in rpm format, and the rpm utility depended on a broken package that didn't compile straight from emerge. Had to hack around a little before I got things working. Audio didn't work either initially, neither would it mount my fat32 drive I share with Windows. But I got it all sorted out now and everything's working fine now.

Anyway, I tried compiling the demos for 64bit to see if it worked, and it worked surprisingly well. A few compile errors at first, and after that was solved a few sizeof(long) issues remained, some a bit obscure but I've got it all sorted out now and I've updated both Framework and Framework2. I've tested all demos and they all work as well as they do in 32bit Linux (ShadowsThatDontSuck and ShadowsThatRocks are still broken though). The new frameworks can be downloaded on the 3D page.

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