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Drawbacks of modern technology
Saturday, January 24, 2009 | Permalink

CRT monitors have been out of fashion for a while now, and while they took a lot more desk space than the modern flat screens they had one important advantage: you could put stuff on top of them.

So I just got myself a nice 5.1 system for my computer:

The sound is great and all, but the problem is I have no place to put my center speaker. My monitor has a frame that's less than 5 cm (2") thick, and that's on a 30" monitor. I'd need about the double for the speaker to stand stably. I can hardly be the first one to have this problem, but oddly enough after spending the whole day going from one electronics shop to another and even going to Ikea and the likes I found no product for mounting anything on top of a LCD screen. Not even google seems to come up with anything useful. Back in the CRT days there were products for turning the top of a monitor into a shelf, even though often the screen itself was good enough for things like a center speaker. For now I've simply put some screws through the holes and just let them hang in front of the monitor, which should at least keep it from sliding backwards. Not a particularly pretty or safe solution, but at least it's standing there now.

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