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- Acts 20:35

Head of Research
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 | Permalink

A little while back I was appointed Head of Research at Avalanche Studios, which is now also official externally. What this means is that I will focus mostly on forward-looking R&D going forward, sometimes going down paths that aren't necessarily always going to result in anything useful in the end, but hopefully also sometimes yielding results that are worthy of publishing in peer-reviewed journals. I'm very happy that our studio is prepared to spend resources outside of the safe zone and aim a bit further. It's truly a great privilege.

In addition to research and publications I will also try to increase our presence on conferences. As I mentioned earlier, I will speak at GDC next week. Hope to see you all there. I also hope to be able to contribute on many more conferences and hopefully even dragging a few of my coworkers along once in a while.

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