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Site update - WebGL cubemap viewer
Sunday, January 26, 2014 | Permalink

In my recently quite underutilized Pictures section of this site I have in the past used a Java applet and JOGL for OpenGL support to implement a basic cubemap viewer. That kind of worked, but the downside was of course that it relied on Java being installed, and then required the user to accept the installation of native JOGL components for his system. Fortunately, it's now 2014 and even Internet Explorer has basic support for WebGL, so I decided to upgrade this part of the site to go plug-in free and just work provided a modern browser.

So far I've tested it in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE11, and it works perfectly in the first three. IE11 also works OK-ish, but for some reason zooming on the scroll wheel doesn't work, and WebGL seems to go into software rendering so performance is a big sluggish, but it least it renders correctly.

To see it in action, you could for instance go here, or any other picture with a green frame around the thumbnail (green means cubemap). Please let me know if it doesn't work in your browser.

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