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Santa Clara
Wednesday, May 1, 2002 | Permalink
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These are images from my trip to Santa Clara in California, USA and its surrounding. I was there for an interview with nVidia regarding a possible job or intership. The plan was to make my examination work as a part of my education over there and potentially continuing working there after my education is done. However, I didn't get the job, they experienced a "communication barrier". Still confused what that's supposed to mean. However, I'm not worried as I've been actively approached by several interesting companies, I'm more concerned about the loss of time it led to. I am currently talking with ATi about doing it with them instead, hope and think it'll turn out better there, not only because of more specialized knowledge with ATi hardware but also due to the experience from the nVidia story.

Anyway, I brought my crappy camera on my trip. I wish I had a digital camera, but as I can't afford one these images are products of a crappy photographer using a crappy camera scanning the developed pictures on a cheap (but quite decent anyway) scanner. I took around 100 photos, however, due to the crappiness of my camera I only have about half as many to show. One of the films didn't even get a single picture developed. Not sure what happend to that one. So, there are no photos from the first two days.
No photos from the hotel room survived either, was probably to dark to get a decent picture without a flash.

Oh well, hope you enjoy it anyway.