"Not since government devoted itself to race biology have such an extreme ideology been deemed clean. But now the racism has returned. Back then niggers were stupid, vagrants were dirty, gypsies were thieves and jews were greedy. Now it is men that are guilty. Only by being men."
- Johan Hakelius, Aftonbladet

Back from Marineland. And weather has turned a bit rainy. That left me a bit wet, so I was hoping to get back home again soon. Unfortunately, as it turned out, Greyhound buses who I was traveling with sucked beyond comprehension. The bus never showed up. Instead I got on the bus scheduled for 4 hours later. So 4 hours wait in wet clothes. Probably explains why I got a cold a few days later. I'm glad I at least got on that bus. I feel pretty bad about the people that waited 4 hours, yet didn't get on this bus, because it was like 2/3 full already when it arrived. One can only hope they called in another bus.

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