"There's a saying that states: 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions'. There's hardly anything that better describes communism than that. All good hopes and dreams of justice and equality have ended in oppression and dictatorship."
- Peter Eriksson, Green Party of Sweden

One plane in the air already ...
Madisson to Toronto isn't that far. But somehow this trip back ended up taking half a day. First of all, I miscalculated things somewhat so I ended up on the airport four hours before the departure. I was rescheduled on an earlier flight though, but that didn't help since I still had to wait for the plane in Chicago. As if that wait wasn't long enough, once we all got on the plane they got some technical issues and we had to leave the plane. So another couple of hours before we got another plane. At least I got to read through half a book ...

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