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New demo
Sunday, August 5, 2007 | Permalink

Finally, a new demo!
I know this was long overdue with the last demo prior to this being from February this year. There wasn't a whole lot of new exciting things left to do in D3D9. With D3D10 now available and hardware for it it's time to get productive again. So this is the first D3D10 demo on this site, but there will be more coming in the future. Given that D3D10 is quite substantially different from earlier APIs I first considered creating a new framework again, but given the past I thought it might be a bad idea to add another one. Given the amount of work I've put into changing it I'm not sure if I made the right decision (though writing a new one would be a lot of work too), but anyway, the framework is not backward compatible with my older demos and thus I've uploaded new versions of all Framework3 based demos that will compile with the updated framework. You'll notice that things look a bit more D3D10-ish than before, with various forms of state objects that in D3D9 and OpenGL just encapsulate the underlying states. Another important change is that I've made calls to reset() explicit, rather than implicit in the apply() method. This is to allow the framework to retain the current selected state past the apply method, which makes setting constants and stuff prettier. The framework is by no means "done", but it's in good enough condition to write demos for and all previous demos now work with it. As for the new demo I'm releasing, check the 3D page for all the info.


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