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Friday, May 29, 2009 | Permalink

Well, this essentially.

It's an odd feeling seeing something you've been working on for a quite a while finally making a public appearance. I'm glad to see it's been well received. It's not easy to judge your own work. It's a bit funny that whereas people leaving comments on the trailer might say "awesome" on the overall experience, my eyes easily get caught on visual flaws and unpolished details. But then I'm looking at these things on a daily basis. What's glaringly obvious to me is apparently not so obvious to the average viewer. As an exercise to the viewer, spot the bug between say 0:25 and 0:45.

On a related note, there's another Avalanche game out there called theHunter. I haven't blogged about it before, but it's actually been out there for a while, having had a soft release over the last few months. So while waiting for JC2 to arrive, give it a shot. It's actually for free. Here are a few of my own screenshots:

Hunter0 Hunter1 Hunter2 Hunter3

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