"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
- Albert Einstein
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Updated demos
Thursday, May 1, 2003 | Permalink

I've updated the InfiniteTerrain demo as promised adding support for the vendor-independent GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object extension.

I've also updated long range of older demos fixing the source so that it compiles with the latest framework. There are no other changes made, so unless you're interested in compiling the source there's no need to redownload.

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Zoo images
Wednesday, April 30, 2003 | Permalink

I've uploaded some pictures from the Toronto Zoo. I had so many photos from the Zoo alone that I decided to make that a gallery for itself. Hit the headline for the goods.

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Back home
Tuesday, April 29, 2003 | Permalink

I'm back home again. It's a heck of a time and a heck of an experience, not to mention a great merit to carry into the future.
10 weeks is a long time to snap photos on. There's a fat gallery up in the pictures section, click the headline to view it.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2003 | Permalink

So, what's happening in the Toronto area these days? Well, after two weeks of warm weather, no snow and dry roads the last week turned into a weather disaster. Cold, windy, rain and snow fell down in large amounts and collected into a thick solid ice layer all over the place. Ugh, I thought spring was here to stay, but apparently not. The forecast for this weeks looks promising though, and I hope this time we wont be let down. We had pretty nice weather yesterday though, and I actually managed to catch a slight sunburn. Spent most of the day outdoors snapping photos and everything and all the shiny new white ice and snow probably helped a lot in burning my skin.

Otherwise, what's going on? Well, last week I went to the Ontario science centre. I was actually planning to go to the Markville shopping centre, but got onto the wrong bus , but that didn't matter, I planned to go there sooner or later anyway. It was cool though, and well worth the money. Especially the Omnimax theatre. The thing is pretty huge though, you would need a couple of days to see it all. I tried not to spend too much time on every place, but as I had to leave when they closed there were still a lot of stuff I had not yet been to.

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Went to Niagara
Tuesday, March 25, 2003 | Permalink

We went to the Niagara falls on saturday. Was kinda cool, but not entirely what I had thought it would be. The niagara falls are like in the middle of a small city, I kinda expected that it would be in a more untouched area. Not that it disturbed or anything though. What did disturb me a little was the whether, it was unfortunately somewhat rainy and when it didn't rain it was at least a little gray. So when the falls throw all this water up the air there's sort of a large watery cloud in front of the fall, which melted too good into the gray sky unfortunately, which took some of the feeling away.
The good thing however was that you could get a lot closer to the falls than I imagined, only a few meters from the actual fall. There's also this tunnel you can go to get behind the falls. It would probably be better in the summer though, because with all the ice there you couldn't see the falls at all on those lookout positions, only blocks of ice. You could however feel the power of the falls by putting the hand on the windows, they were vibrating quite a lot. Actually, you don't even need to put the hand on it, you could hear and see it shaking.
A summer day would probably do the falls more justice, but it was still worth the trip.

In not so related news, my brother and sister has none left and are heading back to Sweden when I'm writing this. So now I'm on my own again.

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Time flies
Saturday, March 22, 2003 | Permalink

It's amazing how fast time has gone. It feels like I arrived yesterday, but now I've been here for five weeks. Only five weeks left to go. It's been a lot of fun so far, hopefully it will continue that way

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Went to the CN Tower
Tuesday, March 18, 2003 | Permalink

This Monday my brother and sister arrived and they will stay until next Monday. This Saturday we went to the CN Tower. Walking on the glass floor at 342m with a view straight down was quite an experience.
Next weekend we plan on going to the Niagara falls. That'll be pretty cool too

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003 | Permalink

Finally, the extension spec is up in the extension registry.

Now we only need official driver support.

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