"Fashion is something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit."
- George Santayana
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New demo
Sunday, July 6, 2008 | Permalink

I've added another GPU Texture Compression demo, but this one compresses to BC1 (DXT1) instead of BC4.


Site move
Sunday, July 6, 2008 | Permalink

In a couple of months my subscription with my webhost will expire. As a result, this website will move to another host. In the process I'll change the address as well. Since I'm no longer living in Canada it doesn't make much sense to use a .ca address. I haven't decided what address to use though. I just wanted to announce this ahead of time so that you're aware this change is coming. So once this site goes down and if you missed the new address, googling "humus demos" should hopefully do the trick.

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New gallery
Sunday, May 4, 2008 | Permalink

I've done some "mini-planet" projections of a bunch of outdoor cubemaps from my collection and made a gallery of the results. Enjoy!

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New gallery
Wednesday, April 16, 2008 | Permalink

I've uploaded a new gallery with pictures from my move back to Sweden and the time since then. For the first time in a long while, my picture galleries are now in sync with my life. The last picture is just over a week old.

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New demo
Saturday, April 12, 2008 | Permalink

There's a new demo available that demonstrates texture compression done entirely on the GPU. You'll need a DX10.1 card (Radeon HD 3000 series only right now) and you need to have Windows Vista SP1 installed.

You can toggle between the compressed and uncompressed texture with F5.

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New cubemaps
Sunday, April 6, 2008 | Permalink

I've uploaded 7 new cubemaps to the texture section. Grab them while they're hot!

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Demo time
Thursday, March 27, 2008 | Permalink

I have a new demo available for download. Or actually, it's not new, it's been done for quite a while, it's just that I haven't published it before. This is the demo that goes with my article "Post-tonemapping resolve for high quality HDR antialiasing in D3D10" in ShaderX6.

A short update while I'm at it. As you can see, it's been two months since the last update. The main reason for this is that I've been quite busy lately. I bought an apartment recently and have spent quite a lot of time getting it in order. Since I rented second hand before and didn't have any furniture or anything of my own I had to get a lot of new stuff, and that has taken quite some time and effort lately. The good news is that that's pretty much done now, so things should get back to normal. As for demos, I have a couple in the pipeline, so don't worry about that.

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New gallery
Monday, January 28, 2008 | Permalink

I've added a new gallery with pictures from my trip to Niagara Falls. In good old tradition, I lag about half a year behind with the pictures as these are from August 2007.

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