"An appeaser feeds the crocodile in the hope that it will eat him last."
- Winston Churchill
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Winter is approaching
Thursday, September 25, 2003 | Permalink

The winter is approaching, and as the evenings become darker the spectacular shows on the northern skies begins to show up. Today a most marvelous northern light crossed the sky for a 5-10 minutes period. One of the most spectacular I've ever seen.
Often the northern light tends to be fairly static when it appears, or quite slowly moving. But today it was like huge blue-green flashes across the whole sky. You could almost see how wave after wave of sun-particles pumped into the athmosphere, causing huge stripes of light flapping in the solar wind. Further, the whole thing seemed to be centered in some kind of way right above our heads. Like when you put loads of metal particles on a piece of paper and go with a magnet under it and the particles form to a star pattern according to the magnetic field; that's how it looked in a giant pattern right over our heads, but kinda moving in the solar wind.

This is one of the good things of living far north. While we may freeze our balls off, we do at least get to see some really cool shows regularly on the sky. Today, a really good one. Fortunately, I had the camera handily available in my pocket. Unfortunately, night photos isn't the strong point of this camera. Auto mode made nothing but black, manual with longest possible exposure turned out black too. Seems it needs at least something with a decent amount of light to be able to focus at all. So only the shots aimed at the nearby houses actually resulted in an image where you could see the actual northern light, but it's not the main part and doesn't make the real thing justice. A slightly higher res image here. I'd recommend everyone to go up north some winter to around the artic circle or higher to see the thing in real life.

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RenderMonkey v1.0
Tuesday, September 16, 2003 | Permalink

RenderMonkey v1.0 is now available on ATI's site. There has been plenty of improvements since the last beta. This version also contains loads of example workspaces to look at. Many of them are workspaces I did during my time at ATI. Check them out.

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More galleries
Thursday, August 14, 2003 | Permalink

Another two galleries are up in the Pictures section. With that my gallery uploading spree has ended and all the pictures I planned to upload is now online.


Another gallery
Tuesday, August 12, 2003 | Permalink

Another gallery is up in the pictures section. This time its from the reunification of my the class from gymnasiet (roughly: senior highschool).


Two new galleries
Monday, August 11, 2003 | Permalink

There's two new picture galleries up from this summer in the Pictures section. The most interesting gallery IMO is the two day mountain walking adventure four of us siblings did to reach the 1769m high top of Norra Storfjället. Quite an experience and many beautiful images.
There's also two short video clips from the top of the mountain with one taking a good look over the edge with 600m free fall.


New demo
Saturday, August 9, 2003 | Permalink

There's a new demo up doing an autoplaying chess animation with some cool graphics. Well, actually the demo isn't "new", it was done well before the summer, however, the timing with the completion of this demo and the driver releases gotta be the worst ever. A small driver problem held this demo back, it got fixed quickly, but the fix didn't make it into the next public driver released soon after. And no new driver went public before the summer either, thus the wait. But now it's here though, so enjoy!

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Site update and new gallery
Thursday, August 7, 2003 | Permalink

As you may have noticed I've exchanged the menu font for a more compact one. This should make the site a little easier to appreciate on smaller resolutions. Some people have complained about the readability of the previous font, but that problem should be gone too now.

I have also added another gallery in the pictures section. It's another wedding gallery from a wedding I attended just before going away for holiday.

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Back again
Thursday, August 7, 2003 | Permalink

I have returned to civilization after an over two months long holiday spent with my family. The weather has been wonderful and I have had a lot of fun. Had to do wome work too though, been working pretty much all summer on the report on my work at ATi for the university. I'm going to present it early next month. I've also spent some time writing a new framework. I have fixed all the problems with earlier frameworks, though there are still some work left to be done.

I've of course snapped a zillion pictures too. Will put up some galleries soon.

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